Enviroment protection

Saving and ecology

Sustainable development and environmental protection are integral parts of our business model: combined printing, in which many print jobs are combined on one sheet, minimizes waste losses and saves paper. Top Druk Ltd offers papers certified according to FSC, PEFC. Standard shipping of printed products is always carbon neutral.

Printing is often seen as environmentally friendly. In Top Druk Ltd we work hard to ensure that all our raw materials are obtained in an environmentally friendly manner and we use the minimum amount of energy to produce our finished printed products. We are heavily involved in the recycling policy to use paper waste.

Solar panels

In June 2019 we have invested in a solar panel system thanks to which we anticipate annually that we will get about 60 MWhe, which means that a significant part of the electricity we use for printing is generated by the sun. On a really sunny day, we can give away more than half the energy we use back to the grid, we think that thanks to this we are a really green energy consumer. We estimate that the annual decrease in greenhouse gas emissions can reach up to 40 tons of CO2 equivalent.

LED lighting

In 2016 we replaced every light in the building with LED lighting, which consumes much less energy (up to 70%) than traditional lighting. Because we work in a color-sensitive industry, LED lighting also has the added advantage of replicating natural light. So throughout the building we can see our printed products as if they were in daylight. This makes a big difference because traditional fluorescent lamps found in most printers make everything look yellow. Thanks to this change, we can fully control the quality of the color, which is necessary in printing.


In the Top Druk printing house, recycling is usually associated with paper, which is manufactured again from waste paper. We are aware that recycling 1 ton of paper allows us to save up to 17 trees! In addition, recycled paper saves thousands of liters of water, reduces gas emissions and any waste. We know how important environmental protection is, therefore we use industrial waste segregation, transfer paper waste to paper mills where recycled paper is made of it, and reduce production waste.

Nowadays, environmental protection is extremely important. For this reason, many companies try to care for ecology. This benefits both nature and the enterprises themselves. People value ecological activities, therefore we have introduced them permanently in our printing house.